Doncaster Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs International which is the worlds largest service organisation with 1.50 million members in over 200 countries around the world. 

Doncaster Lions Club have served our local, national and international communities for 60 years and give help and welfare to those in need.

Lions are Ordinary People who do Amazing Things.
We are happy to accept requests for funding from individuals, groups, organisations etc

Doncaster Lions Club Data Protection Policy 2019
Doncaster Lions Club communicates between member, suppliers, applicants and applicant representatives by Email, text, telephone and verbally.
We do not use data for any purpose except for actioning applications, grants and requests
The information will be stored on Lions personal devices (phone computers etc.) A printed copy will be retained by the Lions Club treasurer for audit purposes
Acceptance of the policy is mandatory for any requests made to Doncaster Lions Club before they can be activated: non-acceptance means that the Club will not be able to respond to the request.

To help us process your request quickly please supply information from the list below as appropriate to your situation
Floor Coverings
Unfortunately house rental companies appear to have a policy of stripping out all
furniture and floor coverings regardless of condition when a tenant leaves the property.
We subsequently then get requests to fund new floorcoverings.
Doncaster Lions Club has limited resources and can no longer fund floor coverings unless the circumstances are exceptional.

Contact number/email?
Address or location of the person/project?
Funding required?
What will the funds be used for?
In addition we may require further information individual recipients'
Is the recipient in employment?
Are the family in employment?
If equipment is required what channels have been investigated?
Can the recipient contribute?
Are there any personal savings or family to assist the contribution?
Has any other person/group/organisation been approached for assistance? (please give details)
Has any other assistance already been provided/promised?
Is there a specific timescale?